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JonNestor is a leading provider of Pipeline Solution, Logistics and Martime services. We help organisations increase productivity, minimise risks and grow strategically. Our focus to develop long term relationships with our clients, has allowed us to help many leading companies achieve their goals.

JonNestor Limited’s Palm Kernel plantations, comprise hundreds of hectors of Palm trees, which we harvest for Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Olein, Crude Palm Kernel Oil, Crude Palm Oil, as well as other fats and oils. We have a proven track record for providing sustainable Palm Kernel Oil and it by products to the Ghanaian market and for export to America, Asia and Europe on a regular basis.

What’s JonNestor Limited Palm Kernel Cake (PKC)
Our Palm Kernel Cake is a by-product of our Palm oil production from our palm oil fruit is used for Animal feed. Our palm Kernel Cake is solid residue left behind after extraction of Oil from kernels of our palm fruit and this well entrenched as a major feed ingredient in beef and dairy feed in most country.

Why do we Supply Palm Kernel Cake (PKC)
Our Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) is considered a medium grade protein feed, containing 14.6 to16.0% crude protein, useful for fattening cattle either as a single feed or mixed with other Animal feed-stuffs. It has also become the main ingredient in dairy cattle ration.

Our PKC product has high nutritive value and its being used as Animal feed which provide high protein and energy and its often used as a source of protein. Palm Kernel Cake by itself is a protein feed and with its high fibre content is often considered as suitable for feeding of ruminants. The nutrient composition of our Palm Kernel Cake, weight gain when used as feed and recommended mixture is presented in the attached document below.

Download PKC Product Specifications pdf

How JonNestor’s Palm Kernel Cake is used in Feed
JonNestor’s PKC is suitable supplementary feed for cattle. Invariably our product has become the basic feed in most rations for fattening cattle in feedlots. It is also the primary constituent supplementary feed for dairy cattle, mixed together with other ingredients such as ground maize and soybean meal.

Benefits of using JonNestor’s Palm Kernel Cake (PKC)
Palm Kernel Cake is reasonably good economic for cattle fattening and milk production sectors of the livestock industry. Its advent as a feeding material has also increased profitability to farmers undertaking feed-lotting and dairy production; improving their income, standard of living and social standing in society.

We can supply you Palm Kernel Cake on a regular basis on FOB or CIF Contract. We will like to invite all our clients to visit you factory for inspected and we also work with SGS. To find out more about our Biomass and Green Energy Products or request samples and test results, please contact us on +233 (0) 3033 072 73, or email: