Rich Sun-dried Cocoa Shell Mulch

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JonNestor Limited’s Cocoa Shell Mulch is made from natural Cocoa which is result as a by product of chocolate manufacturing. Our cocoa shells are simply the shells of the cocoa bean. The cocoa beans are a couple of centimeters across around the dark brown cocoa bean.

During our chocolate manufacturing process, our cocoa beans are roasted and shelled and inside of the bean is used to manufacture chocolate products. Our cocoa shells are physically stripped off after roasting, by air blast in which our cocoa shell mulch are emerge dried, cleaned and roasted brown.

What’s JonNestor Limited Cocoa Shell Mulch Used For?
In summary our cocoa shell are mostly used in Animal feed us a replacement for maize in livestock feeds and also have a general uses. For example Cocoa shell are used for Pig livestock. For pigs, cocoa shell meal has replaced maize and can constitute up to 35% of the ration without decreasing weight gains. It has been fed to pigs in quantities of up to 2 kg per day.

To ensure that the animals consume sufficient quantities, the cocoa shell must be sun-dried (to 60% moisture content) and then chopped, ground and pelletized. 
While untreated cocoa beans shell can be hazardous, pig rations can include up to 25% of the processed product without reducing weight gains or feed efficiency.

JonNestor Limited have Cocoa Shell in Bulk Quantity for sale. We have freshly made cocoa shell for sale at our facility.

  • We can deliver 40ft container loads of Cocoa shell to you. Just call us or email us for a delivered rate.
  • The bags contain 2 cubic foot and weigh about 30 pounds. Just call us or email us for the current rates and availability.

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